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that loner girl
United States
Current Residence: johnstown
Favourite genre of music: k-pop or country
Favourite photographer: me :) loljk
Favourite style of art: anything is fine by me
MP3 player of choice: my iphone
Shell of choice: i like the one i'm living in thank you
Wallpaper of choice: chibi stuff or whatever
Skin of choice: the one i have is good enough
Favourite cartoon character: it depends on the cartoon
  • Listening to: one more by superchick
  • Reading: 5 different books
  • Watching: make it or break it
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: iced tea
I have come to realize that, every time I come on here, I always say "it's been forever since I've been on this site etc..etc.." So...I'm going to try and stay away from that statement....let's see how well that goes :/

I don't remember the date when I last posted anything, but since then, I've gotten myself in college! And I will add, that I'm going really well :D I'm even surprising myself by how well I'm doing. It was mandatory that I take an English, Reading, and a First Year Experience class, which by the way, I wasn't to thrilled about taking a Reading class :( Annd if you have been reading my journal posts, you will notice that my spelling and grammar have improved greatly! I give my thanks to my English professor, who has been teaching English and not some watered down Reading class where they make you read a book and clam it's English class material. Now you will probably think that I'm pretty stupid when I say that what I'm learning in English, they taught back in grade school and maybe even middle school, but this semester, I have been learning the parts of speech, sentence development, the different forms of pronouns and verbs, punctuation, and we are now going over commas. (I think I have been using the comma a little too much...sorry about that :(
But I have to say...that I really haven't been taught most of what I'm learning right now. Through my middle and high school career, it was the same lessons over and over again. I was stuck in a learning support class since 3rd grade and I was finally free from that when I left high school. I tried getting out of learning support many times but the teacher thought that I belonged there....yeah thanks....make me feel stupid and so little about myself for all those years.

On a side note...because of all the new information that I have been has been pointed out that I have become a grammar nazi from time to time. :) I never thought that I could be one of those people (not that I dreamed that I would become one but it just feels nice that I don't feel stupid anymore)

Oh, and on one of my recent trips back home to my mom's house, visiting my mom was the same-old same-old...but the most "exciting" part was on the drive back......I got pulled over for speeding :( First time EVER! I was scared shitless!!! The cop clocked me doing 80 on the turnpike (damn people and their "you can't pass me games" :< ) Well thankfully I didn't get a ticket, but I didn't get a warning either D; I had to pay $111.00 and I believe that my license is suspended for 10 days as well DX Well that just screwed me really epicly because I have yet to land me a job and with the economy the way it is, I don't think I'll ever get one 

So that's what's happening in my life at the moment :D
Sorry if my depressing-like life has wasted your time but loners don't always want to alone....they need someone to talk to too.

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